Friday, March 16, 2012

A little Fairy Tale

“That house there gives me the creeps,” Siueli shivered, as he pointed to our neighbours across the street. “Ohh cheer up,” Funaki, my little sister said. It dosen’t look that bad.”

My brother ans sister had just come home from school and were standing, talking in the front porch. "


Funaki exclaimed. "Mum said that when we get home she's gonna have a surprise for both of us."

"Right," Siueli replied. But Mums suprises are mostly bad, and a little weird too.

“ Welcome” I said as I opened the door to let them in. I'd been listening to them and stood beside the door giggling. They didn't even have a little smile on there face, already I knew they didn't want to even hear about the big surprise. They stared at me for a little while."Don't you want to see your surprise". " What do you think it's gonna be"? " Ok then, I'll tell you" . Mum told me she's gonna be taking you two down to Manukau". " Is that all Funaki replied, as she turned around ton hang up her bag. " No that's not all" I replied. "You both are gonna be taking Ballet lessons".

"Oh" tell Mum I'm gonna be down at my friends house. Funaki Quickly walked out the door, before I could say which friend.

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