Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake 2011

Sadly at Christchurch there was an earthquake that had hit the city at about lunch time. Some people were still in the city doing there work. There are many buildings that look like they had been tipped over.

The cathedral which was built a long time ago got destroyed from the earthquake. Near the earthquake there were some collage students who were on a trip and saw it happen.

The sad thing about the earth quake is that some people have died. Some of the people who were still working are still trapped inside. But there are some people who are still alive but they cant find a way out because there are to many bricks that they can’t get off of them.

May God bless all those people who are fighting for there lives and people who are stuck in buildings.


  1. Hello, My Name is Sheena Nettles. I am a student in Dr.Strange's EDM 310 class. I felt very sad after reading this post. I cannot imagine what these people are going through today. I know that they were scared when this earthquake hit. I will surely keep them in my prayers.

  2. Hi Sheena thanks for the comment. I felt sad when I heard about the disaster. I will always keep them in my prayers, especially the people who have red stickers stuck to their homes, and the people who are still waiting for there friends and family.

  3. HI Mele I liked it how you made a stroy with a picture about chrischuch eath qake I know one thing that some people at other county that want to now aboout tje eathqake.

  4. hi mi name is sheba nd im just wondering hw
    bad did it effect you nd just let u no dat
    we wil be there 4 ur country?


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