Monday, November 21, 2011

Ab sailing

Walking up the rocky hills on our way to Ab sailing, I had no Idea what we were going to be doing. But once our whole team Benzon B reached our target, I got over excited and was very Kenn to be the first person to have a try. But the very first thing that we had to get into was a whole lot of safety gear. On other words wedgie gear.

The very first part was my favorite, it was actually no different from rock climbing. It had small steps and some long steps that we really have to stretch our legs to reach our next target that were aiming for.

After reaching the top, Kimmila showed her biggest smile and gave us some instructions that we had to use while taking tiny steps on our way back down. First we had to to hang to to a rope that you would be given. She told us that there is nothing to worry about because this rope would only brake if half the All black team start playing Tiger war with it.

After hearing everything that Kimmila told, us as if it was a speech, I didn't even want to wait any longer. So then she told me that it's time for me to head down so that she could see how well I listen.

While heading back down, I my team started cheering and saying a cart that goes,
I will you will we will never give up.

At camp I really had fun spending time with people that I hadn't been playing with at school.
I hope we get to go again down at Camp Benzon, but this time have more fun and spend a lot more time.

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  1. Hello Mele,

    My name is Kashondra Rudolph. I am an EDM310 student from the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your post. It seems like you really had a great time at Camp Benzon. I have never been Ab sailing, but I have tried rock climbing once. Well, I can say I never made it off the ground. The instructor told me I needed to work on my upper body strength. Hopefully one day I will succeed. I am glad you enjoyed yourself!!!


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