Monday, December 5, 2011

Holidays coming up

Do you know what your going to be up to this coming long holiday.
Well let me tell you what my family and I is going to be up to.
On Thursday the 15th we will be heading down in a plane to Tinga to visit our grandparent that we haven't seen since December last year. To me thats a really long time.

Once we get there we only have one week to spend there before were going to jump onto a ship named the Pulupaki and head over to the Island named Tungua where both my grandpa and grandma lives.

ONe of my faviroute things that i like doing there is swimming. Down at there place there is no swimming pool. We only go for a swim down at the beach.

Sometimes when my uncle is not Busy he´d take us all to go and watch people play different kind of sports like netball and basketball.

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