Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Amazing Race

Sitting in the marque with my group, the Respectables, I was eagerly waiting for Mr Barks to walk in and to tell us what The Amazing Race is going to be about. This activity was one of my favourite during the days of camp. I was sure that every body else loved it too.

Mr Barks explained that there were going to be 3 tasks for us to complete. “You will have to work hard as a team to earn points along the way,” he said. That got me thinking.

Our first instruction was to gather into groups of five. Mr Barks showed us one of his slingshot, that he had made. It looked pretty neat. I wondered how he made it for a while until he showed us the equipment that he had used. That's when I started thinking. There was Rubber that stretches, Sticky tape and newspaper to make the ball, and also a little bit of strong string too. And of course there was a couple of branches that had a Y shape. Some of them were perfect, the others were not that straight.

We all had to put it together. To earn points we had to be tidy. I was with Tina, Hossanah, and Athena. They were VERY tidy, and they worked together too.

We were the first to finish. So that meant that we could start shooting. David was first. HE got us all 10 point. Then he got more and more. i think he got the most out of our group.

After we've scored about fifty points that's when the rest of the other groups came. First was a group of boys. As soon as they stretched it Is fell apart. I tried not to laugh. But since they did, I had too. We all cracked up like nothing. So that meant they had to go back into the Marque, to fix it.

Hue-loata was the best aimer out of all. She was the only one who aimed straight and got us all 100 points. I couldn't aim straight like her. Whenever I aim straight, it wont listen. It would just fall down, or do directly the wrong way. It was even worse when it was windy.

Apart from that. Most of the time I had alot of fun.

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