Friday, March 2, 2012

Down at the Beach

“ Woohoo” I yelled as I jumped onto the nice soft sand that was lying beneath some shells. That made The Pt England reserve look as good as new. Looking from the sand onto the new building makes me just wanna stay there for the rest of the evenning we spent there. In my head it said “ Why would you wanna sit there, instead of enjoy the sun with your friends” . That voice made me think deeper.

I walked around the beach untill it was announced that it was time for the year one’s and two’s to start swimming. So when Mr Jacobson said “ Alrighty, now to begin our swimming may all the year ones and two’s, who would like to swim please come down to the beach, and enjoy that time with the teachrers and you friends”.

As soon as he said that all the little kids rushed down from the field onto the beach. SOme of them even started to splash the teachers, who were there to supervise them. They dived , they swam, they did all sorts of things, under the water.

I watched them for a little while untill I got boared, so I went over to the left of the beach. There, it had two sorts of clay, that we play with. As I got there Zion was allready diggy up. So I towards her holding some dry clay on both my hands, and said “ Is this the type of clay we use”? Zion rep;ied with a no, and she also gave me some of hers saying “ Even though this is the hardest clay to get, It’s the best”.

I dug and dug untill I had two hanfulls of good clay. My nails had dirt all over them. Inside, around. So I had to stop digging. Or I’ll have to spend about five minutes softing up the clay and double that time washing both my hands and my nails.

As I finished washing my hands I sat on the sand, and strated to make aheart shampe with my name on the top of it. I put some shells on it too, but as soon as Miss Muliamaseali’i asked Mrs Nua “Are we were aloud to take it with us to school”. Mrs Nua replied saying “ Ohh were not suposed to, but we can take a picture of it, because were only aloud to take our memory.

I had a great time down at the beach. Can't wait to go there next time.

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