Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ben Carson

Ben was born in Detroit Michigan. His mother, Sonya, dropped out of school, when she was still in 3rd grade, and was married when she was only 13. Unfortunantilly when Ben was only 8 his parents got divorced. This made life diffiult because she was left to raise her boys by herself.
She even worked 2 or 3 jobs at a time just to provide for them.

The two boys struggled with theirr school work. In the 5th grade Carson was at the bottom of his class. His class mates called him dummy. As soon as Sonya saw both of their results she was determined to change their lives around.

Their Mum stopped them from watching tv, and she also made some rules.The worse one was, no playibg outside until they had finished doing their homework. Sonnya also made them both read two books every week. Not just that, they had to write a report about it too. Unfortunantly Sonya didn’t know some words that they had written because she didn’t reach the level that they were at in school.

After a few weeks Carson was sitting at his desk waiting for the teacher to come in. As soon as he walked through the door he held a rock up and said, “Does anybody know what this rock is called?” Ben looked around, nobody put thier hands up. So he had to. Every body stared at him as he had put his hands up. “ Ohh Benjaman do you really know the awnser?” the teacher said. “ Yes I do,” Ben replied, “Is it obsinion?” He had reconized that rock from a book he had read. Everybody went quiet. “ Yes Benjimim” .

That’s when he realized that he wasn’t a dummy. So he started to impress his class mates. Within a year Ben went from the bottom of the class to the top of the class. Insted of his class mates calling him dummy they woud be like “ Ben how do we do this equation?”. He started to become a little bit arrogant and if someone did that, he would tell them to sit near his feet.

After all is hard work, he became a famous neurosurgeon.

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