Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cross Country

Oh no it’s cross country training, nearly everybody hates doing that. “Why do we have to do it Mrs” I asked. She replied say “ It’s only a short run, cross country is coming up soon. 
"When” I asked hoping that it was not a Tuesday. Luckily it was on a Friday where it was the end of the week.

The first time we went was pretty easy. But the only thing was that we got forced to keep running. Some teachers even told us that if we don’t start running we will have to spend our time in detention. That was the worst thing about practises that were short.

Later on in the week the teachers decided to make the training harder and longer. It was past the beach all the way to the farm gate and back. It was so far that I had to stop and have a rest on the way. But the teachers who were around kept telling me to keep going.

Some people cheated. As the first couple of people came back they would turn around, so that they don't have to run all the way. I think that it was a bad idea because

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