Friday, September 23, 2011

Aussie Rules

Starting on the fifth week of school room 16 and 17 had some lessons of badminton with Megan. First we started of with some simple facts on how we can pass while playing this game. Our first Pass that we learnt was the hand pass. It is way more diffrent from how we pass on Rugby. We had to use our less |

hand to pretend that you are holding a ice cream cone so that you could push it up somebody's nose. But that wasn’t just the pass that we learn t, we also learned how to drop punt, That is the only way we could kick. First we had to make sure that the lasses were away from our faces, and both our hands had to hold it from the curve. After getting all those instructions right we kick it. If you did it properly it would go straight to where you were targeting it to go.

After learning how to hand pass and drop punt we had some little activities to warm ourselves up. Our first activity that we played was ninja elbow. For Ninja elbow we have to get into buddies so that we could try to hit each other on the elbow. First one who gets three hits wins. After playing that we had another activity similar to ninja elbow but this game was Ninja knees. Instead of hitting their elbow we hit there knees and that made it even harder.

Finally it was time for a longer game. Aussie base ball. It sounds quite boring but believe me it is very fun. Instead of using a base ball we used a rugby ball. First we had to kick the ball and if somebody catches on a fuel that means that you out. But if they miss it the teacher gives you another ball and you run with it so that you can bounce the ball between the cones which is 10 meters long or 20 steps long.

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