Saturday, August 4, 2012

Were going Ice Skating!!!!!!!!

This term Year 7 team 2 are going on an outting, to Paradise Ice Skatting, where we could ice skate. We are going on August the 9th which is next Thursday. To raise money for this exciting event, we have had Bake Sales, both yesterday and today. These sweet treat were solat at our school, in the breeze and included cup cakes chocolate cake and spunge cake, that were one and two dollars each.

As sonn as the bell rang for morning tea, we had everything sorted and we were ready to sell. When. There were lot’s of people. We work so hard to give the coustmers what they wanted in a polite way. It was really difficul to give them the right change. The table we were working at was crowded, so we didn’t know who to give the change to.

The best part for me was the end. We all got to count up the money we have raised. The first day, we raised $160. The next day was $102. We maneged to get $202. I can’t wait to go on our exciting outting. Even though it was alot of work, I still look forward to the next Bake Sale.

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