Thursday, August 23, 2012

Smoking - Not My Future

Some people are all about being cool. They smoke because of that reason and because they are influenced by their friends. But they do it without looking into the future. Smoking causes health problems, can affect how you look and can waste your money. 

Smoking is very a not good idea because it could cause many health problems. It is known that there are 4000 chemicals that are put into every cigarette. Smoking gives you a higher chance of dying, in fact 4500 people die in NZ every year. For pregnant women smoking is also very bad for the unborn baby. 

Smoking can also affect the outside of your body. It makes you look old. Our class watched a video, where there was a man interviewing a lady who looked older than our teacher. But she wasn't. She looked like she was in her 80’s while our teacher is still in her 40’s. Which is half the age she looked like.

Cigarette is a also very expensive habit. In shops the price of cigarettes are $15 for one packet. It could cost you $105 a week if you smoke a pack a day. This could also cost thousands of dollars a year. If you are wondering why the government lets people sell them, it’s because they get a lot of money for each box of cigarettes that is sold. This is because the government has to spend lots of money on the health problems from smoking.

I really think that teenagers shouldn’t start smoking. Even if people in your family smokes I’d 

advise you to don't start. It is a really strong thing. Once you start you can get addicted to it. So the best idea is to keep away.

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