Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rugby World Cup Opening

Did you know that the rugby world cup opening was held at Eden Park on Friday last week. My highlight for the opening was the fire works. I really liked the colors ,and how it blew up in the dark sky. It even had fire works near the sky tower. Some of the fire works were blasting up like fire.

There were people who just came to town to watch the fire works and to take pictures of it too.

When the glittering fire works had finished. One of the t.v presenter interviewed Jonah Lomu. He is a star on rugby. He is’nt just a star though he is a star on scoring the most tries across the whole world. That could be the most amazing thing for me if I was him.

After interviewing Jonah Lomu the game began. It was Ikale Tahi's kick off.

I was cheering for the Tongan team. Even though they didn’t do well on the first half but i still like the way they defended. The All Blacks team were still good enough to get the most tries and are the first team to win there game for the Web Allis trophy.

As always the people who cheered for the Tongan team would say that the reeth of the game dosn’t know how to do his job propoley or they say that they cheated which really didn’t happen. The All Blacks won the game because of a reason. The reason was that the Tongan team were to slow and they didn’t have as much energy as the people in the All Blacks team.

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