Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Dream

Yesterday I had a dream that my family and I headed of to the Saturn to visit a friend. Her name was colorful.
She´s a alien that when she talks she turns into a different color.
She was as tall as a 7 year old human with no arm or legs. All she does is wiggle around and eat.
She told us that all aliens only eat pudding it´s their favorite, and they never get sick of it. They eat they sleep they don´t even have jobs to keep the busy.

While we were still there Colourful came up to us and told us to follow him so that we could go and explore.
First she took us to visit her mum and dad. They didn´t look any where near the same to each other. Her brother´s also came out to meet us all. She had 8 brothers and one sister their name were Random Lillie pop Nady sews Ned hast and lily the sister.

After meeting the whole family we headed down to the Cafe to get ourselves a cup of Milo. First we sat down talking about how different this planet is to earth. I couldn't stand sitting down on their seats so stood up not meaning to be so rude and said out loud what is this made out of.
They all looked at me like a they all have a eye problem. One of the costumers came up to me and said "well if your wondering what it´s made out of why don't you find out your self and dig into it.

We finally went back home. We all said good by to each other and left.

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