Thursday, November 24, 2011

Missing out on High Jump

Sitting on the dry hot concrete listening to all the instructions that we were given I suddenly came up with an idea. That was to try and make it into the finals where all the people who came first second and third all get to race each other.

But I wasn't looking forward for running. The only sport activity I was looking forward to was high jump, even though I was no where near being good.
Jumping up and down for high jump we all gathered together with Miss Muliamaseali'i. She told us all that we weren't gonna have enough time, but we were going to have to do it on Friday.h

After listening to that little speech that she gave us, we didn't even want to do it any more, so we just lied on the bright green grass staring at all the rest of the people having fun on their last activity.

Next year when it's athletics again I hope that we don't only get enough time on high jump but to have fun on every single rotation that we do.

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