Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kiwi Kick

Walking in line across to the court yard, the tree’s were dancing and leaves were falling. I said to my friend who’s teeth were chattering just like mine “ I hope Kiwi Kick’s going to be fun.” My body was covered in goose bumps. So I rubbed my hands together briskly.

Sam was here to teach us some skills from Kiwi Kick. The skills were Drop Punt and hand pass. The first skill we got taught was Drop punt. It’s a kick but instead of chucking it into the air, you drop it onto your foot. The hand past was as easy as volley. How do we do it? You move like a pirate dance to pass it, then bang the top of your hands against the ball, to get the ball flying, into the air. " I know it's easy."

One of the games we played was octopus. To start the teacher’s ( and coach) stand’s in the middle to get ready to his us, with the rugby ball. One of a student from the other class shouted " Oh no Mrs Nua your going to embarrass our class." So guess who Mrs Nua went for? Yes you gussed it, that person who shouted.
The only pass they were aloud to use was the Hand Pass. Later on, us kid’s get tagged, so we are in the teacher’s team. some of us screamed as they got tagged.


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