Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Education Van

Yesterday after we had fitness it was our turn to go and visit the life education van. Our first instruction was to take our shoes off and put them some where that had shelter just in case it rained and our shoes got all soaking wet. After our first instruction we had to get into a line where the tallest goes in the front and the shortest goes at the back of the line. When we walked in Lynn put us in lines of four with the tallest at the back. We had to make way for our wonderful teacher Mr Somerville.

While we were siting there waiting for Harold to come out Lynn knocked on
his door so that Harold would know that Lynn was about to get him. When Harold came out he said very nice things about room 16.
Harold even asked Lynn some questions about the girls in our class, like "Can she be my Girlfriend?" With no surprises the answer was a definite no! Before those weird questions Lynn read us an email that Harold got from his principle Mr Lion. It was a letter telling him about his homework, which we got to help with.

Finally it was learning time. We didn't just actually just do the homework we actually learned some things that we didn't know as well as helping with Harold's homework. I really liked the first question of Harold's homework. It was about how we can keep our body clean, healthy and fit. Like washing yourself, drinking water, eating healthy food and a whole lot more. I really liked visiting the life education van and I can't wait to go there again this Friday!

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