Monday, June 27, 2011


Something brushed up against my foot and my suprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw a horrible long snake that looked very scaly. The snake was staring at me as if it wanted to eat me all up. That made me scared and also made me want to scream but I decided not to scream and just run.

While I was running away from the terrible snake I turned around and there it was slithering across the grass and aiming towards my legs. I ran and I ran shouting, “Mum, Mum! There is a snake trying to eat me all up!" But my Mum couldn't hear me because she was too busy feeding my little sister.

So I just kept on running. I ran around the house but still the terrible snake was still slithering behind me. I stoped and looked back at the snake. It looked very tired so I kept running so that when it got too tired to chase me I could just lie down.

Finally it was too tired to chase me anymore. It stopped and lay in the grass like a dead snake but it wasn't because it was still breathing. It was still looking at me. It made me very scared but this time I didn't run but I did scream “Mmmmuuuummm!”

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