Monday, March 28, 2011


On Wednesday it was our first day of camp and it was so exciting. When the bell rang we had to line up in front of our class. But this time we did’nt have to wait for anyone to get into the line and it was a miracle because no body was talking but the people who were nervous.When we got into the hall we got into our teams which were the Super charges Fully charged True crew and the Responstars.Our team leaders were standing at the front of our team lines trying to get the people
On our fist day of camp some people were very excited. Some people looked like they did not did'nt want to come to camp and the team leaders were trying to get people who were still talking to close there mouth so that we could get some point.When it was quiet Miss Garden started telling us what we are going to do when we get out of the hall.Miss Garden told us that our first activity was at the swimming
pool at YMCA.

My hilight was kyiaking with Mr Burt.We had to walk over to the Point England reserve.
When we got there Mr Burt and his helpers Feki and Joe showed us how to get into the kyak. Our instructions were foot bottom foot. When Feki and Joe finished Showing us and telling us the instruction they showed us something diffrent from last year camp, it was a double kyiak and it could fit two people. Finally it was time to get into the water. The water was cold that I want’ed to get out but we were’nt aloud to. While we were waiting for our turn we had stay in the water so that we could get use to the cold water when it is our turn in the kyiak. Finally I got a turn I first went on with Maru. Maru was in the front so that means that she had to lead but I could choose where to go. When we had to turn around the pole it was a bit scary but I manage to get it right.When it was time to get out it was freezing like we just finished eat heaps and heaps of ice blocks. I had heaps of fun kyiaking and I can'nt wait until we go kyiaking next year on camp.

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